At the heart of my art.

At the heart of my art.

Hey, Hiya, Hi!
However you ended up on this page, welcome to my very own creative journal, my blog Capturing Creation. This is my very own little piece of the web where I will be detailing all the ongoing activities and fabulousness happening behind the scenes in my art studio. 

Since this is the first ever edition of this blog I wanted to take the opportunity to share a little of my heart and my vision for the art I create. 
Nothing in this world makes me feel more myself, more alive, and more at peace than being out in nature. I love to spend time in gratitude for all of the beauty in this world that God has given us. It is very easy to ignore or look past the amazing and complex things at our feet. Let's face it. Life in our world is generally fast-paced and chaotic. But there is truly something transformative that happens when we simply take the time to ponder the wonder of it all. 

I truly believe there is something for you to gain just by pausing to marvel at the wonders of creation. My purpose is to bring that magic to the canvas, to create the space and opportunity for everyone to be able to access the marvellous beauty of creation. In particular native Australian species, I am blessed to call this land my home, and I share it with some stunning specimens. I'm so passionate about capturing their beauty and being able to share it with you all, perhaps even introducing you to something new. 

Furthermore, I passionately believe that not only do we need to pause and admire, we need to appreciate and protect nature. I'm super excited to start working towards putting this value into action this year, and I will be sharing a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months.    

Until next time, you will find me in the studio painting away. 
Sending sunshine,
Tammi de Rooy